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I believe for anyone following and enjoying music it is a personal journey and we all take a different route. To label a song that you hear as rubbish really means it’s not for you. Someone wrote it someone recorded it and someone bought it, therefore it cannot be rubbish. Back in 1968, I like […]

Since having my first radio next to my bed aged 10, and being able to randomly tune into various voices and sounds and countries and towns, I’ve loved radio and in turn much of the music it introduced me to. Getting a chance to be part of a very small (possibly pirate, I couldn’t say) […]

I’ve always wanted to ‘do’ radio. Back in 1990 (ish), in my first few weeks at Leeds Uni, I went into St Jimmys to enquire about hospital radio. I had a meeting but then a potent combination of female students, subsidised drinking and gig-going (plus the odd lecture) meant that nothing ever came of it. […]

Like so many DJs I trod the well worn path of starting out as a mobile dj in the mid 70s and then travelling to Denmark working in the Night clubs and Discotheques. Returning to England late 1981 I was working in and around London in various clubs. Summer 1984 was a turning point, I […]

I was born in Northampton, the youngest of 4 children with 2 brothers and a sister........

From presenting my own show ‘A&E’ (Anything & Everything) at Brighton Hospital Radio back in my roaring twenties, to now presenting my own show on Black Cat Radio, I hope to share with you my passion for food, farming, family, music and everything in between.  I graduated in BA(Hons) in music and proceeded to be […]

Radio has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember

I have been in broadcasting virtually my whole working life from UK offshore to the BBC and ILR and now Black Cat Radio.

The Pirates, Radio London, Radio Caroline and Radio England all sparked my interest as a young lad. I spent many hours in my bedroom with a big old wooden-cased valve radio which had a tuning needle that would scroll across a dial telling of such exciting and exotic far off places as Hilversum, Athlone and Luxembourg. Apart […]