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I can sometimes be found in and around St. Neots, annoying innocent members of the public with my Microphone and Tape Recorder, finding things of interest and local clubs and activities to put on the radio. If you would like me to come and visit your group I would be only too pleased to see […]

I've always been a music lover and when I say ‘always’, I mean always.....

I joined Black Cat Radio in 2012 accidentally, when I wandered into what I thought was a salsa class in St Neots!

For many years I was pleased to be known as one of the county’s top children’s entertainers, both performing and training others. I’ve been entertaining children with magic, ventriloquism and balloon modelling since our latest Royal Parents were children themselves! My act was featured in Andrew Morton’s “A Royal Christmas” for ITV. For 25 years […]

Music’s great, isn’t it? Ever since I was born I’ve been obsessed with music. (I’ve also been obsessed with Japanese sweets, public information films and penguins, but I haven’t worked out how to put them on the radio yet) Growing up in St Neots, I spent every Saturday afternoon in Woolworths, trying to decide which […]

Catch Dave Saturdays at 3pm and on Sundays with his specialist 70s and 80s show.

I have always had a passion for music, across all genres, but am disproportionally obsessed with  to the 90s!  As a youngster I spent time working on Hospital Radio and as DJ at the local Ice Rink, plus I did a bit of acting and learnt to juggle fire while riding a unicycle. Let’s be […]

I have been DJing for about 40 years, from the early days as a mobile DJ to working  pubs, Halls, hotels, clubs,  in the uk and abroad.

I was just old enough at the time to be aware of the last year of the offshore pirates, Radios Caroline and London.  That was when I became a radio man. Mobile discos followed from when I was 15 and hospital radio. My first real job was with the United Biscuits Network.  A 24 hour […]