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I’ve always wanted to ‘do’ radio. Back in 1990 (ish), in my first few weeks at Leeds Uni, I went into St Jimmys to enquire about hospital radio. I had a meeting but then a potent combination of female students, subsidised drinking and gig-going (plus the odd lecture) meant that nothing ever came of it.

Fast forward 30 years and due to my involvement in community pubs, live music festivals and open-air Shakespeare plays, I ended up going on Black Cat radio to chat about them. One thing lead to another and as of January 2024 I’ve been the other side of the mic.

And I love it. I love music and I love talking about music. I love the area (I live up in the wilds of Hail Weston) and I love promoting what’s going on in the area (which is always more than you think). But most of all I love listening to music and sharing that music with others. Which is BCR in a nutshell.