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Dave Thomas / Presenter, Social Media Manager

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My earliest recollection of music was when my mum gave me three cassette tapes of Duke Ellington, Beethoven and Slade when I was about 7. I loved them all, but it was Slade that jumped out at me the most. The power, the misspellings, the hair and THAT voice…..

Then I found AC/DC, Queen, Status Quo, Rainbow and the journey began. Although my tastes have always remained eclectic since Duke and Ludwig, I like what I like. But Rock will always be my baby.

I joined Black Cat Radio in 2012 accidentally, when I wandered into what I thought was a salsa class in St Neots….

I had always wanted to try radio. As my friends have always said, I have a good face for it. So, when the opportunity came when a station was in my own town, I grabbed the chance.

I was given the Monday night 9pm until 11pm slot, presenting my first live show on October 31st, 2012. What a terrifying experience, but what a rush! It was a show with all types of music.

Three weeks later, I played a new Van Halen track “Tattoo” on the show on a feature I called the “Rock Double”, and as I listened to it through my headphones, I thought “Why not just do a Rock Show and play and talk about what I know and love”?

So since then, I have had the same Monday night slot presenting The Rock Show from 9pm to 11pm – 2 hours of the best rock tunes from the 1960s to the present day, covering every rock genre we can, plus the #NewRockEvolution, playing 4-6 new bands from all around the world each week. The show also includes, “Mine’s A Double” in which two tracks from a legendary artist are played back-to-back, the punk double, musician birthdays, listener requests and tour news each week.

Since 2018 I have also presented The Saturday Hangover from 10am, to 2pm. The show has morphed pretty much into a dedications show for people all over the world, plus the “FamDango” where we get families to dance to a couple of songs each week, a Thought For The Day from a local church, #AskAng where I talk to qualified Hypnotherapist and performance coach Angela Browne about various subjects each week, local musician features, local gigs and great music of course.

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