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I’m not a real person! Well, in the sense that DJ Dobbo is just a pseudonym. Most DJs have one and mine arose because I was often referred to as ‘Dobbo’ throughout my life.

It just made sense to add the DJ bit at the beginning for my ‘professional’ work. Haha, that’s a laugh really! I’m not a professional DJ at all – just another volunteer here at Black Cat Radio that loves his music.

For the technically minded, I use Traktor Kontrol S4 and S8 decks with Kontrol X1 and F1, along with the software. That’s the way that DJing has changed over the years – from twin vinyl turntables with slip pads, to twin CD decks, then the addition of USB sticks – and now most DJs use digitised music and gear for their sets.

Older DJs often argue that using vinyl was a craft and much more difficult than using digital music. My view? Mastering the latest digital decks and software is just as much a craft as using records or CDs.- I’ve found them all a challenge. When performing at gigs I use a programmed  DMX (digital multiplex) lighting system. The lighting creates so much of the atmosphere in a club – not just the music.

Tech aside, a DJ’s job is to keep everyone tapping their feet or dancing, and that’s the whole idea behind the Friday Megamix. I believe in letting dance music do the ‘talking’, so apart from the break for news it’s a two hour continuous set (mostly beat-matched) to keep you in the groove throughout. It’s a great way to party on a Friday night, and I hope you’ll join me – I mean DJ Dobbo – although you’ll not hear him at all.