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The history of music media has undergone a remarkable evolution, from the early days of 78rpm records to the current era dominated by digital streaming services. This transformation not only revolutionized the way we consume music but also significantly impacted the music industry, culture, and technological advancements. The inception of recorded music began with Emile […]

Black Cat Radio has received awards in multiple categories at the National Community Radio Awards 2023 on November 4th in Newcastle. Jenny Jefferies won Silver in the category Newcomer of the year, while Brian Dobson received Bronze for Volunteer of the year. Ernie Almond was recognised as a finalist in the Sage category. Ernie was the […]

Radio, once the quintessential source of local news, entertainment, and community engagement, has experienced a profound transformation in recent years. The shift from local to regional and national networks has been a significant trend in radio listening, and it has raised concerns about the loss of localness in radio broadcasting. However, amidst this transformation, local […]

In an era dominated by digital streaming and the convenience of portable music, it may seem surprising that vinyl records are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. However, vinyl records have staged a remarkable comeback in recent years, and one of the driving forces behind this revival is the proliferation of ‘vinyl nights’ in local venues. […]

We are fundraising for The 3 Pillars Hey there, St Neots community! Let’s turn up the holiday cheer and support a fantastic cause together. This year, we’re inviting ALL our wonderful local businesses to join us in spreading the festive joy on Black Cat Radio throughout December. Here’s how you can get involved: 1. Donate […]

The audiophiles will always suggest listening to music on a good quality hi-fi or with headphones over smart speakers or earphones, but let’s look at why: 1. Better Sound Quality: Hi-fi systems and high-quality headphones are designed to reproduce sound accurately and with minimal distortion, providing a clearer and more detailed sound than smart speakers […]