If you are having trouble with any of the following services provided by Black Cat Radio, please contact us and we will investigate the issue in order to improve our services…

Our smartphone app
If you experience issues with our smartphone app we advise deleting it from your phone and uploading a new versions from your app store.

Smart speakers
If you use an Amazon Alexa you can enable an Alexa Skill to help connect to our service. Go to the Amazon website or access the Alexa App on your phone. From the Skills section, search for Black Cat radio and then enable that skill. From then on, you need only say, “Alexa play Black Cat Radio” to receive our broadcasts.

Receiving on FM radio
In some instances and areas you may receive a poor signal on FM. This can happen in certain weather conditions particularly if you are on the periphery of our transmitting area. The further from our transmitter you go, the weaker the signal will become. Signals will be stronger outdoors than indoors and certain vehicles have stronger receivers than others, so in-car reception will vary.