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Getting you home in style

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With all the latest traffic and travel news

The Home Run is exactly what is says on the tin!

A show packed with all your local traffic and travel, the latest news, weather, sport and of course, the world’s greatest music.

In between all of this, if you know of a local event happening,  Black Cat Radio can give you a mention. If it’s safe to do so, just send a text to 01480 261025.


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The Home Run crew

I was not yet a teenager when I first heard offshore radio in the early 60s. Radio Veronica was playing non-stop music all day long and it didn’t matter that the DJ’s were speaking Dutch – it was exciting and different to anything else on the dial and I knew my destiny had been set! […]

The Pirates, Radio London, Radio Caroline and Radio England all sparked my interest as a young lad. I spent many hours in my bedroom with a big old wooden-cased valve radio which had a tuning needle that would scroll across a dial telling of such exciting and exotic far off places as Hilversum, Athlone and Luxembourg. Apart […]