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News, views, local information, and more of the world's greatest music.

With a variety of presenters across the week, you’ll be treated to a mix of personalities, styles, accents, stories, conversations, features and fun.  Join our afternoon crew through the week.

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Through the afternoon crew

I have been DJing for about 40 years, from the early days as a mobile DJ to working  pubs, Halls, hotels, clubs,  in the uk and abroad.

I’ve been broadcasting since 1993 having had a passion for radio since I listened to the offshore pirate stations as an 8 year old! I have presented at various local stations over the years including Q103 (now Heart), Star Radio, Fen Radio, HCR, and KL.FM (now Greatest Hits) and was lucky enough to have been […]

I've always been a music lover and when I say ‘always’, I mean always.....

“ I am so  privileged  to be able to play the music I love, to a  radio audience.”

Music’s great, isn’t it? Ever since I was born I’ve been obsessed with music. (I’ve also been obsessed with Japanese sweets, public information films and penguins, but I haven’t worked out how to put them on the radio yet) Growing up in St Neots, I spent every Saturday afternoon in Woolworths, trying to decide which […]