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About me!…..

Well, where to begin. I sort of began my journey as a radio presenter by accident, a bit like sitting down at the wrong table at a restaurant, you don’t belong there but people seemed to just shrug their shoulders and carry on as normal and they needed someone else to join the conversation.

Having been a professional musician and industry freelancer since leaving school, I had been promoting various acoustic shows in Cambridgeshire and beyond since 2008 under the name the Night of the Artisans as a way to get songwriters I really liked heard by other people.

One night I was talking to an artist at a show about performing at one of my nights which was to take place on a boat on the river Thames, whilst I was convincing him this would be a good thing to be involved with, a chap called Jordan from a London based online and digital station called Recharged Radio suggested I might like to come on his show and talk about this particular musical venture.

So I went and like all good creative types, when we were finished we went to the pub and somehow in between starting a bottle of wine and finishing it, I had come away with my own show. It was a show based on the Night of the Artisans live nights that was an hour long on Mondays and ran from 2009 until 2012 when the station lost funding and folded.

I was eager to keep the show going which had found itself a small but dedicated listenership. It was then later in 2012 I found out that a new community station based in my native Cambridge was being launched and so Night of the Artisans found a new home on Cambridge 105. Whilst there I was given the opportunity to present my first ever daytime show from 12-2 on Fridays.

I left the station in 2014 due to increasing performing commitments and although it was my intention to make it a short break, that short break ended up being the best part of 7 years.

It was during the pandemic in 2020 when 95% of my work dried up and after various conversations/appearances as a musical guest with my band on Ste Greenall’s Full English Breakfast Show, that I was offered the chance to pick up where I left off. I joined the wonderful team here at Black Cat Radio where not only do I present my show Night of the Artisans on a Wednesday evening from 7pm-9pm, but I also can be found on a Thursday afternoon presenting a more general daytime show from 2pm-4pm.

…..Well until they realise that I’m here by mistake and ask me politely to leave without a fuss.