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Paul Rushforth / Presenter, Training co-ordinator

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I have always had a passion for music, across all genres, but am disproportionally obsessed with  to the 90s!  As a youngster I spent time working on Hospital Radio and as DJ at the local Ice Rink, plus I did a bit of acting and learnt to juggle fire while riding a unicycle. Let’s be honest, I’m a total show off!

Professionally, I have spent 20 years working in technology roles in film and television, for global companies like NBCUniverssal and NEP Group.

I can’t play any instruments, I can’t dance and I certainly can’t sing, but that doesn’t stop me singing and dancing along to any big anthem that happens to be playing!

I live in Loves Farm with my wife Louise and two children, and I have a million hobbies that tend to keep me busy when I’m not working or on air.