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Here’s how to listen to us…….

Here, of course, on our website… On the right-hand side of the top bar, there is a red triangle. This is only visible when your browser is reduced in size. When the player is open you can also select the most recent Sky News bulletin. There are lots of other ways to listen to us…..

In and around St Neots on 102.5 FM

If you live within range of our transmitter (around a 10mile radius), just tune your radio to 102.5 fm. We are clearest within the town itself.

Got a smartphone?

You can download and listen via our smartphone app (Android link or Apple link) Our smartphone app has lots more than just a listen facility. You can check St Neots Town FC fixtures and results, get discounts from local partners, even locate your car.

“Alexa, Play Black Cat Radio!”

Enable our Alexa Skill (by going to the Amazon website and search for ‘Black Cat Radio’ under Skills) or enable it via your Alexa smartphone app. Alternatively you can ask, “Alexa, enable Black Cat Radio”, and she will do the work for you.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll only have to say, “Alexa, play Black Cat Radio.”

Radio players

You can access us via a whole host of radio players like Radio Garden, MyTuner Radio and others, like Tunein. Over 13,600 listeners subscribe to us on Tunein. You can do this at or with the tunein app for your phone.

Listen again

You can even listen again to some of our programmes, and you can also catch previous guest interviews on The Black Cat Radio  Mixcloud page.

If you want to know when your favourite presenter or style of music is on, check out our programme schedule.