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How do you promote your local business?

Written by on 21/05/2022

Years ago, most business advertising was through a telephone directory called “Yellow Pages” and also in newspapers. Remember the local restaurant adverts that were played in the cinemas? The rise of online media has changed all that. Consumers are relying less on printed media and focusing their attention on websites, and Google searches. TV is still used by the big brand names but television advertising costs a huge amount and isn’t suitable for small and medium sized businesses.

Quarterly colour magazines generally have good circulation but once read they are put in the dustbin, so that quarter page or half page advert that cost a few hundred pounds has literally been thrown away. Consumers often skip the advert pages in magazines unless they are on the lookout for something specific, so it might not even be read.

Local radio advertising is quite different. It is relatively low-cost and has the advantage of repetition over time. A radio advert doesn’t get played just once. It also gets played in the area your business is targeting. A radio advert reaches lots of people at exactly the same time and is more likely to get talked about than a printed advert.

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So, radio is a great way to tell lots of people about your business all at once. It’s cost effective – as little as 83p an advert and, with our best discounts, will play over two and half thousand times in a year.

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