Rory Mac

Rory joined the station in June 2017 having never touched a turntable before, but with the skill and expert knowledge from the other presenters, gained the confidence to go it alone.

His ICONIC 80s show airs every Saturday Evenings 6-8pm and as the name suggests it a tribute to the awesomeness of the 1980s. It will take you back to the greatest hits of the decade so get your neon leg-warmers and ripped jeans ready for action!

The show is crammed full of the best tracks and forgotten classics and includes “Bit’s & Pieces” – a just for fun music quiz… mixing up 3 well known 80s tracks. All you have to do is guess the artist and title… its that easy….or is it?

Check out Rory’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more information, and to get in touch. You can also email

Awesome hits we all know and love, that’s Iconic 80s on Blackcat 107.