Daniel Silson

Dan can sometimes be found in and around St. Neots, annoying innocent members of the public with his Microphone and Tape Recorder! He’s the bloke in the Hat!

Dan also is a regular feature in Phil Lack’s Monday night show with his offbeat inserts ‘The A-Z of St. Neots’ in which Dan bimbles around the town and surrounding area, finding things of interest and local clubs and activities to put on the radio.

If you would like Daniel to come and visit your group he would be only too pleased to see you and promote your (Not-For-Profit) Activities On-Air. Please get in touch…

He also is happy to help with P. A. Systems for local charitable events and Village fetes.

Dan’s favourite leisure activities include boating on the Great Ouse and Camping in Swanage, Dorset.

You can email Daniel on dan@blackcatradio.org