About Us

Once upon a time, Tony Gillham, a professional broadcaster with more than 30 years experience, presenting and working for the BBC as well as in local radio, had the idea for a radio station – a radio station for the community, run by the community.

With hard work and with loads of help and support from his assembled team of dedicated volunteers, Black Cat Radio Ltd (a not-for profit company) was created and the station was very quickly establishing itself as the ‘voice’ of St Neots.

The team’s dedication was rewarded when in 2015, Ofcom granted Black Cat Radio Ltd a full time FM licence. The hard work continued with the station rebranded and launched on 107FM on 17th April 2017.

In 2018, Black Cat Radio Ltd applied for, and was awarded a licence to transmit on DAB+ in Cambridge.

The increase in digital listening and in particular, via smart-speakers prompted us to re-brand on 3rd June 2019 to Black Cat Radio. We are the same station with a brand new sound.

In 2019 we were also given approval by Ofcom to relocate our transmitter to a new site, to increase our power and to change our frequency to 102.5FM. We switched on our new transmitter on 12th December 2020 ensuring that we reach all the parts of our community with a clear signal indoors and outdoors.

You can contact us in a number of ways:

If you’d like a music dedication or shout-out during one of the shows, download our smartphone app and click ‘Contact > Message studio’ and it will be sent directly to the presenter who is on-air. Alternatively you can email studio@blackcatradio.org

Drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter.

Pass some urgent travel information to us by text on 01480-26-1025 (remember, not whilst driving).

If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers or just want to get in touch about a general topic, email us at office@blackcatradio.org

If you are interested in the opportunity that advertising with us will bring your business, then email us at sales@blackcatradio.org

We really look forward to hearing from you.

See our promotions, competition, and prize draw terms and conditions.

We are funded by advertisers, sponsors and volunteers. If we make a surplus, it gets pumped back into the station to develop our community service. If you’d like to donate a small sum to help us, we’ll be very grateful.